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Frequently Asked Questions

Read about our commonly asked questions. Still cant find the answer your looking for? Scroll up and contact support.

Can I monitor my trading on an app?

We do not currently have an app. However, you may log in to your Traddoo dashboard via any mobile web browser.

Will you have an app in the future?

Yes, we plan to have a mobile app with direct trading integration in the future.

Is account cost fixed or does it change frequently?

You can find special promotions across our social media and in Discord to help you get to that first payout.

How long has Traddoo been operating?

Traddoo has been operating for over 6 months and was founded on October 27, 2022.

Are my payouts contractually guaranteed?

We are working with a capital provider to contractually guarantee all payouts. This works via a line of credit with the broker.

Are you looking to expand in the future?

Traddoo will be so much more than a prop firm. In the future we have plans to change the multi-asset brokerage industry. More coming soon.