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September 3, 2023

Introducing SMT FX: A Trader's Journey to Mastery

Introduction to our Partner SMT-FX

Introducing SMT FX: A Trader's Journey to Mastery

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Hi, I'm Chris, a seasoned trader with over seven years of hands-on experience in the financial markets. My trading journey has not only fulfilled my professional ambitions but also provided me with the personal freedom to enjoy quality time with my family.

In this blog post, I want to take you through an essential chapter in my trading journey, which led to the creation of the SMT FX Course. This path started with something called SMC, a method that changed the way I looked at trading.


A New Perspective with SMC

SMC has been a pivotal point in my trading development. Unlike traditional views that market movements might be random, SMC's fundamental logic resonated with me, reinforcing the conviction that every market fluctuation has an underlying reason.

I was introduced to SMC and ICT videos back in 2019.Initially overwhelmed by the depth and complexity, I felt tempted to revert to my old ways. But instead, I chose to embark on a new learning journey, focusing on mastering one concept at a time. This transformed my approach to trading and became a method I passionately endorse and teach.


Creating the SMT FX Course

Given the complexity of SMC and the vast content surrounding ICT, I realized there was a need to simplify and streamline this powerful methodology. This realization led to the development of the SMT FX Course, designed to cut through the noise and concentrate on key aspects that really make a difference in trading.

This course takes a refined approach, focusing on what truly matters, helping both new and experienced traders grasp the concepts more effectively.


Innovating the Liquidity Sweep Methodology (LSM)

As SMC gained prevalence in the trading world, I began to notice challenges in the retail trading landscape. Through meticulous performance tracking, I observed increased breakeven situations and losses.

It prompted me to develop my unique Liquidity Sweep Methodology (LSM), a new layer that integrates seamlessly with SMC, enhancing its effectiveness.



The journey that began with a simple introduction to SMC has led to the creation of the SMT FX Course, a powerful tool for traders seeking to hone their skills and understand the markets on a deeper level.

Through SMT FX, I've been able to share my knowledge, simplify complex concepts, and innovate new strategies like LSM. If you're looking to elevate your trading experience, I invite you to explore the SMT FX Course.

Dylan Worrall
Dylan Worrall

Nice to meet you! I am the Founder and CEO of Traddoo. I hope you enjoy reading a bit more about our business

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