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September 3, 2023

Get Ready for an Exciting Launch - Program Details Revealed!

As we gear up for an upcoming launch, we want to provide you with all the essential information to ensure a smooth and successful experience.

Get Ready for an Exciting Launch - Program Details Revealed!

Get ready for launch

As we gear up for an upcoming launch, we want to provide you with all the essential information to ensure a smooth and successful experience. Set to take place tomorrow, on June 14th, the launch promises to be an exciting event you won't want to miss. Let's dive into the program rules, trade platforms, available payment methods, and additional details to get you ready for the big day!

Launch Day and Time: Mark your calendars for June 14th, as the launch will kick off promptly at 9 am EST. It's important to be prepared and ready to seize the opportunities that await.

Program Rules and Details: To ensure transparency and efficiency, we have compiled a comprehensive list of program rules and details. These can be found inside our dedicated channel, labeled as "Evaluation Rules." Familiarize yourself with these guidelines to make the most of your trading experience.

Trade Assets and Commissions: All the assets available for trading can be found in the "Trade Assets" section of our Discord or "Markets" on our website. We are thrilled to offer a competitive commission rate of $4 per lot on all assets, allowing you to maximize your potential earnings.

Spreads and Leverage: Detailed information regarding spreads is available in the "Spreads" section. While we are currently working on a website widget for easy access, rest assured that we strive to provide competitive spreads. Additionally, the leverage offered is set at a favorable ratio of 1:30.

Trade Platforms: On the day of the launch, we are excited to introduce Tradelocker Live, our cutting-edge trade platform. This platform offers advanced features and a user-friendly interface to enhance your trading experience. Furthermore, we have plans to introduce MT5 (MetaTrader 5) shortly after the launch, expanding your options and trading capabilities.

Payment and Payout Methods: To streamline transactions and provide convenience, we currently accept crypto payments only. You can choose from various cryptocurrencies such as BTC, BSC, ERC, or TRC for both payments and payouts. We understand that some traders prefer alternative methods, and we are actively working towards incorporating debit/credit card payments within the next two weeks. Additionally, Deel payouts will be available after the implementation of API automation for contractor agreements.

Payout Frequency and Trading Details: At our company, we believe in rewarding our traders promptly. Payouts will be processed every 14 days, ensuring you receive your earnings in a timely manner. Tradelocker serves as the primary trading platform, offering a seamless trading experience. As an added benefit, we provide a 100% refund on your first payout after funding your account, allowing you to start your trading journey with confidence. Moreover, we have intentionally removed consistency restrictions, allowing you the flexibility to trade as per your convenience without any minimum or maximum time limits. You are also free from news restrictions, enabling you to explore various trading strategies.

Holdings and Lot Size: We understand the importance of maintaining flexibility in your trading activities. Weekday holdings are permitted, providing you with the flexibility to keep your positions open. Moreover, we have implemented a soft breach for weekend holdings, ensuring a hassle-free trading experience. There are no lot size limits, empowering you to execute trades based on your individual trading strategies.

Refund and Returns Policy: We value your satisfaction and have designed our refund and returns policy with your needs in mind. If a trader successfully completes the verification process but fails to fund their account, they are entitled to a free retry. In the event that a trader fails a challenge at stage 1, we offer a generous 10% discount on their next purchase. Similarly, for traders who face a challenge at stage 2, we provide a 15% discount on their next purchase. Additionally, we offer a 48-hour grace period for traders who purchase by mistake and haven't placed a trade yet.

Prepare yourself for an incredible launch filled with potential. We look forward to welcoming you into our trading community!

Dylan Worrall
Dylan Worrall

Nice to meet you! I am the Founder and CEO of Traddoo. I hope you enjoy reading a bit more about our business

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