Learn about the beginning of Traddoo's asset trading program and how it all got started

The values that drive our no time limit prop firm

Learn more about the values that drive Traddoo Funding

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We see a future that's connected past our community, a place for traders to learn from one another and view each other's results.

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We strive to innovate the industry. In time, we will make great things happen that bring our community closer to our core values.

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With no hidden account rules, and openly answered questions, we will always strive to be transparent.

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Learn from our partnered creators, chat with the community, and recieve help 24/7 from the team.

Our team accomplishments

We have managed to grow Traddoo into a six figures monthly business in 60 days, without a dollar spent on advertising, all with the help of an amazing team, willing to dedicate time over money. Not only have we made incredible accomplishments internally, but we are now the leading prop firm for learn to earn integration. With the help of our amazing learn to earn academy partners and the team we have built at Traddoo, we are happy to present our current statistics.

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300 traders in 45 days

Growing at an outstanding rate of 200% month over month and continuing.
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$1.1M in total funding

The total amount of funding after verification from challenge phase.
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7% pass/fail statistic

Seven percent of traders are passing funded challenges with Traddoo. A industry leading average.

Meet the Founder

Take a look at our Founder

Dylan Worrall
Co-Founder and CEO