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A CFD broker
A payout solutions provider
A Trading platform
A trading platform

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4% daily drawdown | 5% max account drawdown
4% daily drawdown | 8% max account drawdown
8 minimum trading days
No minimum trading days
Equity and balance-based drawdown
Balance-based drawdown
10% | 5% profit target
10% | 5% profit target

Receive Verified Payouts

All Traddoo funded traders can request payouts through the Traddoo dashboard. All payouts are processed through Deel, which offers payout options, including but not limited to, bank transfer, Coinbase, Paypal, Payoneer, Revolut, and Wise.

A payout partnership between Traddoo and Deel

Key Highlights

Payout System

The default payout ratio for all Traddoo team traders is 80:20. All Traddoo traders can request a payout once every thirty days as soon as you are ready.

24/7 Customer Support

Our communication with traders is a must. We strive to assist not only in becoming a Traddoo trader but continuously through the life of your account.

leveraged Equity Shares

With our partner Eightcap you are now able to trade the companies you know and love with a firm you can trust. Trade companies such as Tesla, Amazon, Google, Apple and more.

Additional Features

We want our traders to have the flexibility they need. At checkout you have the option for an additional upcharge to bypass our stop-loss and weekend trading rules.

The most popular trading platforms

Traddoo traders get access to best in class trading solutions with MT4, MT5, and trading view access. Our data feeds are provided by award winning provider Eightcap allowing us to do our best in simulating the market.

A trading platformA Trading platform
trading on a tablet with the most popular trading platforms.
Traddoo Reviews
5 etoiles trustpilotIcone Google Review

"Awesome group of guys running this company! Starting my first challenge to start the year!"

Max P
5 etoiles trustpilotIcone Google Review

"Watched the company get built out. I have nothing but trust for the founder. So excited to see the future for Traddoo."

Dylan W
5 etoiles trustpilotIcone Google Review

"One of the best prop firms I have worked with! Support was friendly and my account credentials were provided in a timely manner for my evaluation"

5 etoiles trustpilotIcone Google Review

"Received credentials quickly and support team is support responsive! Excited to start my challenge!"

Akash Desai

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